Making Notes

Scaffolding services

We offer mounting and dismantling services of all types of scaffolding systems, maintaining a high level of safety and quality standards. We deliver reliable and cost - effective solutions and safe working environment to all our customers.

We are performing mainly at industrial sector specially in paper mills, oil refineries, nuclear power plants, food industry, ship yards and civil constructions.


Insulation services

UAB Globalita can provide insulation solutions based on customer demands such as pipelines, equipment, ventilation, tanks and more. Insulation services are needed in order to reduce warmth and cold resistance, as well as noise caused by machinery. In a shipbuilding industry mainly specializing with fire insulation. We are able to install insulation on any surface our customer needs.

Insulation materials we are working with:

  • Paroc

  • RockWool

  • Isover

  • Superwool

  • Armaflex

  • K-Flex

  • Foamglas

  • Pyrogel

  • Others