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UAB Globalita

UAB Globalita company providing full scope insulation and scaffolding services

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UAB Globalita is a modern, ambitious company based in Lithuania which provides full scope insulation and scaffolding as well as interior and exterior fit-out services. In conjunction with our highly skilful and robust team which is driven by a strong organizational culture we are able to provide the absolute highest quality customer service and personnel available in the industry.

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Scaffolding services

We offer mounting and dismantling services of all types of scaffolding systems, maintaining a high level of safety and quality standards. We deliver reliable and cost - effective solutions and safe working environment to all our customers.


Insulation services

Globalita can provide insulation solutions based on customer demands, such as pipelines, equipment, ventilation, tanks and more. Insulation is one of the most efficient ways to save energy.

UAB Globalita

Taikos ave. 48B, LT-91213

Klaipeda, Lithuania

+370 46 497953